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Thursday, 20 July


Four Detainees Killed by Myanmar Junta in Mandalay Region The Irrawaddy

Junta troops killed four civilians during a raid in western Madaya Township, Mandalay Region, last week.

Nyaung Oke villagers retrieved three mens bodies from the Myaung River, a tributary of the Irrawaddy, on Tuesday, according to a resistance group.

Four detainees were tortured and killed by junta troops after they were seized in Nyaung Oke on July 14, a resistance fighter said.

The detainees were three carpenters from nearby Nyaung Wun village and a Nyaung Oke villager, according to sources.

On Monday a fisherman discovered two bodies in the Myaung but junta troops stopped him from recovering them, according to a villager.

Villagers retrieved and cremated three bodies on Tuesday after junta troops moved to Madaya town.

An unidentified body was found in a pond near Sa Kyin village on Wednesday.

In eastern Madaya Township, skirmishes between junta troops and resistance forces have increased this week.

Sources said around 500 junta troops have been mobilized as reinforcements after the juntas Air Defense Battalion near In Gyin Myaing village was shelled by Mandalay Peoples Defense Force (PDF) on July 15.

Junta convoys were then ambushed by resistance forces, according to Mandalay PDF.

More than 12 villages in the east of the township have reportedly been raided by junta troops this month, displacing thousands of civilians.


Myanmar Junta Crony Serge Pun Faces More Scorn Over Leaked Video Clip The Irrawaddy

One of Myanmars richest cronies, Serge Pun, is facing a backlash after a leaked video clip shows him saying he feels reassured that armed resistance groups are not fighting in Naypyitaw, and that he believes they have no plan to do so.

Serge Pun, also known as U Theim Wai, chairs the conglomerate Yoma Group, which has interests in a wide range of sectorsfinancial, hotels and tourism, real estate, trade, and food and beveragethrough its two main units: Singapore-listed Yoma Strategic Holdings Co. Ltd. and Yangon-listed First Myanmar Investment Co. Ltd. (FMI).

Yoma Strategic Holdings is also the franchise holder for KFC in Myanmar.

The 40-second-video clip began spreading on social media on July 17. In it, Serge Pun mentions a conversation with a friend at a banquet. He explains that his friend was talking about the armed clashes breaking out across the country after the coup. Serge Pun asks him if he thinks resistance forces are planning to attack and seize Myanmars capital Naypyitaw.

Then he answered me, No they dont [have that plan]! They are not interested in Naypyidaw! Then, I felt assured, Serge Pun says in the video. They will just fight in their respective regions. We will get trouble only if they all have a predilection for [attacking] Naypyidaw, Serge Pun said.

The video clip is from a webinar Serge Pun began making with his eldest son, Melvyn Pun, in March 2020, a month after the COVID-19 pandemic hit Myanmar. Yoma Group released the first talk showVirtual Town Hall Session with Serge Pun / Melven Punon its official YouTube channel and Facebook page but kept subsequent talk shows private.

Melvyn Pun is the CEO of Yoma Strategic Holdings.

The Irrawaddy could not determine the source of the leaked footage, but sources close to Yoma Bank and FMI said the clip was part of an internal webinar for its shareholders made after the coup.

The clip sparked renewed scorn for Serge Pun, who chairs FMIthe first company to be listed on the Yangon Stock Exchangebecause the views he expresses in it are widely considered to reflect the common stance of owners of conglomerates who cooperate with the junta.

They face widespread contempt because it is believed that they want to see the regime keep control of urban areas and Naypyidaw, the capital, where their business interests are focused.

A leaked video c...


Kachin Independence Army Seizes Myanmar Junta Camp The Irrawaddy

The Kachin Independence Army (KIA) claims to have seized a Myanmar junta outpost in northern Shan State.

During the Kutkai Township raid, junta mortar rounds hit a nearby village, killing a teenage boy and injuring three villagers, residents told The Irrawaddy.

A boy was among three villagers injured by junta shelling during clashes with KIA troops in Kutkai Township on Tuesday. / CJ

The camp was reportedly held by around 100 troops near Kaung Yar village on the Kutkai-Muse highway.

KIA spokesman Colonel Naw Bu told the media that the junta base was only temporarily seized.

The Irrawaddy could not independently verify the reports and the KIA could not be reached for a comment.

It was a heavy clash when the KIA raided the junta camp. Both sides used explosives, a Kaung Yar villager said.

Infantry Battalion 123, based in nearby Nam Hpat Kar village, used at least ten 120mm rounds to shell the area. A Kaung Yar village house was destroyed by junta shelling.

Two junta shells exploded in nearby Zee Daban village, killing a 16-year-old boy and injuring three others.

A family of three was injured when a shell hit their house. A teacher was also injured, a resident said.

More than 150 Kaung Yar villagers are sheltering in a nearby village. Tensions remain high in the area as the junta on Wednesday deployed around 60 reinforcements to the outpost which was temporarily seized by KIA troops on Tuesday.

On July 16, two clashes between a junta convoy and KIA troops broke out in Kutkai.

This month clashes between the regime and KIA renewed in northern Shan and Kachin states.

The junta last week launched offensives in Waingmaw Township, Kachin State, 9km from the KIAs headquarters in Laiza.

Col Naw Bu recently told the Shan News that junta offensives aim to take control of key Shan and Kachin roads.


Has China Invited Myanmar Junta Boss Min Aung Hlaing to Beijing? The Irrawaddy

Ties between China and the Myanmar junta are getting warmer, and diplomats and observers following the issue recently received a message that suggests the relations between Beijing and Naypyitaw could reach a new milestone soon with a visit to China by regime boss Min Aung Hlaing in September.

Every China-Myanmar relations watcher knows thatif the news is trueit would be really mind-blowing for the junta leader, who has mostly been ostracized by Western democracies for his 2021 coup, and has even been banned from ASEAN (Association of Southeast Asian Nations) capitals and excluded from their summits. Since then, Russia and China have turned out to be his allies, and Moscow has invited him for several official visits, but Beijing hasnt. Following the coup, Min Aung Hlaing desperately tried to visit China to seek Beijings blessings for his regime. But his attempts were turned down by Chinese officials. Whats significant about the September tripthe message saysis he would be there at Beijings official invitation! But can China handle this hot potato?

The Irrawaddy has not been able to independently verify the message that emerged in June, one month after Chinese Foreign Minister Qin Gangs visit to Naypyitaw. Qin is so far the most senior Chinese official to see Min Aung Hlaing in more than two years since the takeover.



Myanmar Junta Names Six More Dead Political Prisoners The Irrawaddy

The Assistance Association for Political Prisoners (AAPP) confirmed that six of the 37 missing political prisoners from Bago Regions Daik-U Prison have been killed by Myanmars regime.

The 37 political prisoners from the prison, also known as Kyaiksakaw, have been missing since June 27 when the junta said it was transferring them.

The AAPP this month reported the death of two of the political prisoners after their families received letters from the prison authorities.

The activist group said six more families had received the same letters.

All the letters said that while transferring prisoners from Insein Prison, a vehicle crashed and the prisoners attempted to escape. They were killed by warning shots fired by security personnel trying to recapture them, the letters said.

An AAPP spokesman told The Irrawaddy that the juntas claims are impossible.

If it actually happened like they claimed there is no way that the accident and shooting of the prisoners would not be reported by residents and the prison would have informed them immediately. But now they concealed it and only informed after a long time. It is totally dishonest.

The families of the remaining 31 prisoners have heard nothing and the prison authorities refuse to reveal their whereabouts.

The other 31 and all political prisoners at the hands of the junta and face alarming risks as the junta is increasingly killing political prisoners using prison transfers as a pretext, he added.

The six confirmed dead on Wednesday were Yar Lay, also known as Zin Myint Tun; Jar Gyi, also known as Wai Yan Lwin; Zin Win Htut, also known as Ba La Gyi; Aung Myo Thu; Bo Bo Win and Nay Aye, also known as Arkar Htet Paing Myo.

Ko Khant Linn Naing, one of eight political prisoners confirmed dead out of 37 detainees missing after being removed f...


Chinese-backed Power Plants Cease Operations in Western Myanmar The Irrawaddy

Three of four Chinese-backed liquefied natural gas (LNG) power plants in Rakhine States Kyaukphyu Township in western Myanmar have ceased operation.

The three shuttered plants are located near Kyaukphyu deep-sea port project, and operated by VPower, a Hong Kong-listed power generation company.

Two of the plants ceased operation last year, and the third was shut recently after operating at partial capacity due to a limited supply of LNG, former Kyaukphyu Township lawmaker U Poe San told The Irrawaddy.

The third plant had been running on and off since November last year. It has completely cased now. But [VPower] has not yet dismantled the plant. Two other plants have been dismantled and removed by them, the former lawmaker said.

The company, which had a stake in nine power plants across Myanmar, said in September 2021 that it would not be renewing the contracts for power stations in Kyaukphyu Township in Rakhine State and Myingyan Township in Mandalay Region.

The company said the decision came after it faced challenging times amid the turmoil following the February 2021 coup.

The three plants operated by VPower in Kyaukphyu had a combined capacity of 150 megawatts. With their cessation, only one power plant is left in the township. The 135MW plant commenced operations in October of last year as a joint venture between Chinese state-owned Power China Resources and Myanmars Supreme Group.

We havent had regular electricity since those plants ceased operations. We have only four to five hours of electricity a day. Small-scale businesses like ice factories and cold storage are facing difficulties. Here, people have to pump water with electrically powered pumps for household use. So, residents have difficulties when there is no electricity, U Poe San said.

While cash shortages caused by the banking crisis following the coup have created huge problems for foreign companies, the electricity ministry is also short of funds to pay electricity suppliers, said a director of an electricity provider in Myanmar.

Electricity production is a long-term business, so it is difficult for foreign investments to endure where there is no political and economic stability, the director said.

The kyats decline against the US dollar has made generating power from LNG unfeasible under the rates agreed in electricity purchase agreements, he added.

According to the electricity purchase agreements it signed with the suppliers, the electricity ministry agreed to pay for a certain percentage of purchased units in US dollars, but it can now only pay in the Myanmars currency, sources said.

VPower entered the Myanmar market in 2015. Joint ventures with VPower won tenders for four projects when the now-ousted civilia...


Thai Govt Calls for Calm After Reformists PM Bid Fails The Irrawaddy

BANGKOKThailands caretaker Prime Minister Prayut Chan-o-cha called for calm Thursday after a popular progressive candidates bid to succeed him was thwarted by military and pro-royalist lawmakers.

Pita Limjaroenrats party won the most seats in May elections, but on Wednesday he was dramatically suspended from parliament, which then refused to grant him a second vote to become the kingdoms next premier.

About 1,000 people gathered for a protest that night to express their anger over the Harvard-educated liberal leaders foiled bid for power, before dispersing peacefully.

Thailand is no stranger to political unrest, and Prayutwho took power in a 2014 coupunderstood the frustration of Pitas supporters, his office said.

But he also implored the public to move Thailand forward in a democratic way alongside the monarchy, spokesperson Rachada Dhnadirek said.

The expressions of opinion and political activities need to be peaceful, without violence, and without destroying the economy, trade and investment.

Pitas Move Forward Party (MFP) has ridden high on the support of young and urban Thais frustrated by nearly a decade of army-backed rule, but Thailands establishment vehemently opposes its agenda.

The party has refused to compromise on its pledge to revise the kingdoms strict royal defamation law, which can allow convicted critics of the monarchy to be jailed for up to 15 years.

Its reformist platform also poses a threat to family-owned business monopolies that play an outsized role in the kingdoms economy.

Pita was suspended from parliament by the Constitutional Court when it decided to proceed with a case that could see him disqualified as an MP altogether for owning shares in a media company.

Lawmakers are forbidden from doing so under Thailands charter, though the television station in question has not broadcast since 2007.

Until we meet again

Pita was defiant as he left parliament on Wednesday, raising his fist to supporters and bidding farewell until we meet again.

But he has also vowed to step aside to make way for another party to form a government now that his second attempt at the premiership has failed, after falling short by dozens of votes last week.

The coalition backing him could fall in line behind property tycoon Srettha Thavisin, potentially relegating the MFP to serve in opposition.

The votes yesterday were disappointing, but we have to go forward, Srettha told reporters after his Pheu Thai party met on Thursday.

Pheu Thai is seen as a vehicle for the Shinawatra political clan, whose members include two former prime ministers ousted by military coups in 2006 and 2014.

Prawit Wongsuwan, 77, a former army chief who served as Prayuts number two after 2014, has als...


Nine Myanmar Political Prisoners Unaccounted for After Yangon Jail Beatings The Irrawaddy

Fears are growing for nine political detainees who suffered severe beatings at Yangons Insein Prison on Sunday, according to sources close to the prison. The nine are reportedly being transferred to Thayawady Prison in Bago Region but their whereabouts were unknown as of press time.

Activist Ko Tin Htut Paing and eight other political detainees from Insein Prison Ward 2 were beaten and tortured by prison officers, prison staff and criminal inmates as punishment for discussing politics, according to U Tun Kyi, a former political prisoner.

They were severely beaten and tortured. They were then shackled and placed in solitary confinement, U Tun Kyi told The Irrawaddy, citing information from family members of the victims.

On Tuesday, they were transferred to Thayawady Prison but not allowed to take clothes or other belongings, he added.

A representative of the Assistance Association for Political Prisoners (AAPP) confirmed that Ko Tin Htut Paing and two other political inmates were hospitalized after being beaten and tortured by prison officials.

We heard that they were sent to Thayawady Prison but we are not sure yet. Their family members are going to Thayawady Prison, the AAPP representative told The Irrawaddy.

Ko Tin Htut Paing was arrested by junta authorities in Hlaing Township, Yangon Region on July 18, 2021 and charged with possessing weapons. While searching for him, authorities had detained his 64-year-old mother Daw Mi Nag in May 2021 and sentenced her to three years in jail for incitement.

U Tun Kyi told The Irrawaddy he was really worried that the political prisoners will be tortured again at Thayawady Prison as bad old habits return in Myanmar prisons.

I have to say that the deliberate and systematic torture and killing of political prisoners in Myanmar prisons is now at its worst, he added.

Prisons under successive military regimes have been notorious for the worst forms of human rights violations against political detainees. Currently, political prisoners are not only being beaten and tortured but also face the threat of extrajudicial killing.

AAPP reported that 37 political prisoners from Daik-U Prison also known as Kyaiksakaw in Bago Region have been missing since June 27 after supposed transfers. Prison officials have since informed the families of eight prisoners that they had died.

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Wednesday, 19 July


Myanmars National Unity Government Commemorates Martyrs Day The Irrawaddy

Myanmars National Unity Government commemorated the 76th Martyrs Day on Wednesday by honoring Independence hero General Aung San and eight colleagues assassinated 76 years ago today, as well as fallen heroes of the ongoing anti-regime Spring Revolution.

I would like to pay my respects to all the martyrs who sacrificed their lives to free the country and the people from colonialism, NUG Acting President Duwa Lashi La said in his memorial speech at a virtual ceremony commemorating Martyrs Day.

Acting President Duwa Lashi La at a ceremony marking the 76th Martyrs Day on Wednesday.  /NUG

He also reminded people to honor the many forgotten heroes, including ethnic martyrs whose heroism has been obscured in official history and those who paid with their lives to ensure the struggle for democracy can continue.

We need to remember that in addition to the great martyr leaders who worked hard to get out from under colonial rule, there are also many martyrs who sacrificed to get out from under the current military dictatorship, Duwa Lashi La said.

Family members of martyrs also spoke at the memorial. They included Kim Aris (also known as Ko Htein Lin), a grandchild of General Aung San and son of detained leader Daw Aung San Suu Kyi, NUG Prime Minister Mahn Win Khaing Than, a grandchild of martyr Mahn Ba Khaing, U Myat Htoo Razak, a grandson of martyr U Razak, and Dr Sein Win, a son of martyr U Ba Win.

All the martyrs will be proud and support all the ethnic people who are still fighting for freedom, U Myat Htoo Razak said in a video speech at the memorial.

The ceremony drew cabinet members, union, state and regional parliamentarians, members of Chin, Mon, Karenni state national consultative councils, representatives of political parties, and guests from foreign embassies and organizations, according to the NUG.

Various brigades of its armed wing, the Peoples Defense Forces (PDFs), also marked Martyrs Day by holding commemorative ceremonies and paying tribute to the fallen heroes.



Myanmar Regime Again Bars Daw Aung San Suu Kyi From Honoring Father on Martyrs Day The Irrawaddy

The Myanmar junta barred jailed popular leader Daw Aung San Suu Kyi from attending Wednesdays commemoration of Martyrs Day, which honors of her fatherassassinated independence hero General Aung Sanand his slain colleagues, while continuing to deny the event state-level status, a policy it revived from previous regimes.

Martyrs Day marks an important event on the Myanmar calendar, commemorating the assassinations of Gen. Aung San and eight colleagues on July 19, 1947.

Daw Aung San Suu Kyi has not been allowed to mark the annual event since the military seized power in a coup in February 2021. Nor has junta boss Min Aung Hlaing attended the Martyrs Day commemoration. Last years event was attended by deputy junta chief Soe Win. But this year, the regime downgraded the event, sending only Deputy Prime Minister and Transportation Minister Tin Aung San to attend.

Under the National League for Democracy government, Martyrs Day was celebrated as a national event attended by the head of state. Min Aung Hlaing and then Vice-President Myint Swe (who has been serving as acting president of the regime) joined Daw Aung San Suu Kyi and then President U Win Myint at the annual ceremony from 2016 to 2020.

The NLD revived Martyrs Day as a state-level event in 2016 after winning the general election the previous year. Min Aung Hlaing attended, becoming the first army chief to join the annual ceremony since the student-led uprisings of 1988.

The first Martyrs Day event after the coup was attended by the juntas religious affairs and culture minister. By sending a relatively minor official, the regime downgraded the event, just as its predecessors, the State Law and Order Restoration Council and the State Peace and Development Council, had done.

At the 2021 and 2022 events, a member of the committee for organizing Martyrs Day and a department head of the Yangon City Development Committee laid wreaths at the Martyrs Mausoleum in Yangon for Gen. Aung San on behalf of his family members.

Under former military dictator Than Shwe, Daw Aung San Suu Kyi was allowed to attend the Martyrs Day ceremonies though the event was downgraded from state level and only attended by the Yangon mayor or the culture minister.

Though Daw Aung San Suu Kyi was not allowed to attend this years event, her elder brother, 80-year-old U Aung San Oo, was present.

While Daw Aung San Suu Kyi was behind bars in Naypyitaw Prison, Myanmars junta-controlled Supreme Court in August last year approved the sale of her family home in Yangon, accepting a petition from her older brother U Aung San Oo to sell the house.

The lakeside villa in Yangon was the source of a bitter family dispute between the siblings for decades. In 2000, U Aung San...


Myanmar Junta Exploiting Daw Aung San Suu Kyi for Disinformation Campaign The Irrawaddy

Myanmars military regime has launched a disinformation campaign to sow division between detained leader Daw Aung San Suu Kyi and the resistance movement, distributing leaflets claiming that she does not support the movement.

Locals in Thabeikkyin and Amarapura townships in Mandalay Region, upper Myanmar, said soldiers and police distributed the leaflets to passersby early this week.

Police and government officials hand out the leaflets at a market in Salin Township, Magwe Region on Tuesday. / Khit Thit

The Irrawaddy has viewed the leaflets, which feature a photo collage of Thai Foreign Minister Don Pramudwinai and Daw Aung San Suu Kyi under the heading Thai foreign minister reveals at ASEAN foreign ministers retreat that he met with Daw Aung San Suu Kyi.

The pictures are accompanied by highlighted text that reads: Daw Aung San Suu Kyi has categorically rejected NUG and CRPH members who have used violent means to kill people while ignoring her political stand of nonviolence.

NUG is the acronym for Myanmars civilian shadow National Unity Government (NUG) while CRPH refers to the Committee Representing Pyidaungsu Hluttaw, the NUGs parliamentary wing. Both bodies were formed with elected lawmakers from Aung San Suu Kyis National League for Democracy (NLD) party and ethnic allies in the wake of the 2021 military coup, to root out the regime politically. The NUGs Peoples Defense Force (PDF) armed wing has now been fighting junta forces for more than two years. Among M...


Farmers in Myanmar Are Being Threatened With Prison to Repay Loans The Irrawaddy

Farmers in Ayeyarwady Region are being threatened with jail and land seizures if they fail to repay loans granted by the ousted civilian government by November, sources in the region say.

Teams comprising township and village administrators, officials from the Myanma Agricultural Development Bank, soldiers and police have been visiting villages in Kyonepyaw and Bogale townships to instruct farmers to repay loans.

A farmer in Bogale said farmers in the township cannot afford to repay loans and are worried their farmland will be confiscated.

Some farmers have not been able to repay loans for years. With the interest, the amount of the loan must have doubled, he told The Irrawaddy.   There has been intense pressure on us. They said we will be sued and imprisoned if we fail to fully pay back the loans by November. Around 75 percent of farmers in this area cant repay the loans, he explained.

The agricultural loans were provided by the Myanma Agricultural Development Bank when the National League for Democracy was in power. Farmers were loaned 150,000 kyats per acre.

Some farmers are selling pieces of their land to repay the loans and others are borrowing from informal lenders at high interest rates, the farmer said.

A rice merchant in Kyonepyaw Township said that junta personnel have been asking farmers to repay their loans since last month in our township. People will try to pay back the loan as the regime has threatened them with imprisonment.

Rice prices are high this year, but farmers are not benefitting because of inflation, the high costs of pesticide and fertilizer, and high labor costs.

At a recent meeting in Naypyitaw, junta boss Min Aung Hlaing said farmers should get better access to quality seeds, natural and chemical fertilizers, and irrigation.


Myanmar Junta Troops Killed in Sagaing Attacks: Resistance The Irrawaddy

Myanmars junta suffered heavy losses during three days of resistance ambushes in Taze Township, Sagaing Region, according to rebel groups.

The groups attacked around 112 troops from July 14 to 17 while traveling between Taze town and Kaduma village in the west of the township, according to Taze News, a revolutionary media site which monitors junta atrocities.

Sniper rifles and landmines were used to ambush troops on a bridge at an irrigation channel last Friday while they were traveling from Taze to Kadumas police station.

At least six regime troops were killed or injured, the groups said. The Irrawaddy could not independently verify the reports.

Another heavy shootout broke out on Saturday when resistance groups ambushed the troops, saying they killed more than 10 and injured many others.

The junta used a Mi-35 helicopter to attack the resistance forces, said Taze Peoples Defense Force that coordinated the attacks.

A resistance member was killed and two were injured.

Resistance groups attacked troops with explosives at Kaduma police station for two nights, said Taze News.

A clash broke out near a monastery on Monday when resistance groups attacked troops returning to Taze from Kaduma.

The Guerilla Warfare group said it used landmines and 80mm mortars to attack regime forces.

It said 10 more junta troops were killed and many others injured, while three resistance fighters were wounded.

The first armed resistance started in Taze in early April 2021 when residents started using traditional hunting rifles and air guns to prevent trucks carrying junta troops from entering the town and dispersing anti-coup demonstrations.

Since then, frequent clashes have occurred in the township.

As of July 11, junta forces had burned and destroyed 4,049 houses during raids on 69 villages in the township, according to Taze News.


Myanmar Junta Bombs Chin Village in Retaliation for Convoy Ambush The Irrawaddy

Junta fighter jets bombed a village in Chin States Kanpetlet Township on Tuesday morning after a junta convoy heading to Kyin Dwe town in Kanpetlet was ambushed on the border with neighboring Magwe Region, according to the Chinland Defense Force (CDF-Kanpetlet).

The convoy is part of junta preparations for a major offensive in Chin State, said resistance forces.

Some 10 houses and a church in Masatwi village were damaged in Tuesdays bombing raid. The number of civilian casualties is still unknown, CDF-Kanpetlet liaison officer Salai Than Shwe said.

They dropped around 20 bombs. We still cant confirm civilian casualties. We are only able to confirm property damage. I heard that junta troops suffered heavy casualties. One resistance fighter was wounded, Salai Than Shwe told The Irrawaddy on Tuesday.

Military tensions in the area remain high, he added.

The junta convoy of around 27 vehicles including two armored vehicles, soldiers, weapons and food supplies left Laungshey town in Magwe Region on July 13 and is thought to be heading to the juntas base in Kyin Dwe.

The convoy is transporting around 300 junta soldiers from the 88th Light Infantry Division. Resistance forces have been clashing with the convoys vanguard along the road.

The regime has been conducting artillery and air attacks along the Laungshey-Kyin Dwe road since the convoy left Magwe.

A 12-year-old child was killed and a man injured when the junta shelled Yinke village, Saw Township, during an attack by its ground troops on July 14, according to local media outlet Yaw Alin Tan. Nearly all of Yinkes 300 houses, which are located along the Laungshey-Kyin Dwe road, were torched in the attack. Around 2,000 residents of Yinke and two neighboring villages fled their homes.

The regime also conducted an air strike against Swel Lwel Kyin village amid fighting on July 15, according to local resistance forces.

Junta troops have been pinned down between Swel Lel Kyin and Masatwi villages on the border of Chin State and Magwe Region, said resistance groups.

The daily clashes have resulted in casualties on both sides, but neither has released casualty figures. Resistance groups have warned locals against traveling on the Laungshey-Kyin Dwe road.

A separate junta column consisting of around 150 soldiers from Kyaukhtu town has also arrived in Saw Township. This column is thought to be heading to Kanpetlet, said Salai Than Shwe.

The regime is apparently preparing for a massive offensive in Chin. It has been a while since they last attacked here. But large numbers of troops are heading here now. We will do what it takes to protect the people, he said.


Thai Reformist Suspended From Parliament in Fresh Blow to PM Bid The Irrawaddy

Thailands Constitutional Court suspended reformist Pita Limjaroenrat on Wednesday, in another blow to his hopes of becoming the nations next leader after a stunning election win.

The court issued its suspension just as Pita was sitting in parliament for another day of deliberations on whether he could become prime minister, after his first attempt fell 51 votes short last week.

Pitas Move Forward Party (MFP) has ridden high on the hopes of young and urban Thais wearied by nearly a decade of army-backed rule, but its efforts to form a government have stumbled since the May polls.

Thailands conservative establishment vehemently opposes the partys economic reform platform and its pledge to soften the kingdoms strict royal defamation laws.

On Wednesday, the countrys Constitutional Court announced it would take up a case on whether Pita should be disqualified from parliament altogether for owning shares in a media company, ordering him to leave the assembly in the meantime.

It was commanded that the respondent must suspend his role from July 19, until the Constitutional Court has made its decision, the court said in a statement.

Lawmakers are forbidden from owning shares in media companies under Thailands constitution, though the television station in question has not broadcast since 2007.

Pita, Harvard-educated and wealthy from a family-run agrifood business, has said the shares were inherited from his father.

Under Thai law, Pita remains eligible to stand as a candidate for prime minister but must leave the lower house and will be unable to vote.

If you vote according to the voice of the people, your name will be engraved in this kingdom with great honor and pride, he said on Twitter in the morning, in a last-ditch call for support.

Few expect his party to have made up last weeks shortfall, and lawmakers aligned with the military immediately forced a debate on whether the law allowed Pita to be considered a second time.

Thailands senate is stacked with military appointees, with only 13 of 249 serving senators voting for Pita last week, and his only likely path to power is to successfully court many more members of that chamber.

I dont think the senate is going to be brave and courageous enough to do that, Napisa Waitoolkiat, a political analyst with Naresuan University, told AFP.

Pita remained in the chamber immediately after the suspension was issued. He has vowed to step aside to make way for a coalition partner to form a government if his second attempt fails.

Personal benefits

Other roadblocks have been thrown in front of Pitas candidacy.

The court has also agreed to hear a case alleging that MFPs campaign promise to amend Thailands royal defamation law is tantamount to a plan to over...


Over 100 Myanmar Junta Forces Killed in Four Days of Resistance Attacks The Irrawaddy

At least 115 Myanmar junta forces as well as five resistance members and three civilians were killed in multiple incidents over the past four days as Peoples Defense Force groups (PDFs) and an ethnic armed organization (EAO) continued to attack regime targets across the country.

The incidents were reported in Magwe, Sagaing and Bago regions and Mon and Karen states.

The Irrawaddy has collected the following reports of significant attacks from the PDFs and the EAO.

Some military casualties could not be independently verified.

Junta suffers heavy losses in resistance ambushes in Magwe

The Defense Ministry of the civilian National Unity Government (NUG), the PDFs political wing, claimed that at least 80 regime troops were killed in Saw Township, Magwe Region when its PDF groups ambushed a military convoy over two days.

First, several PDF battalions from Gangaw, Magwe and Minbu districts jointly used triggered land mines to ambush the military convoy traveling from Saw Townships Laungshe town to Kyindway town in Kanpetlet Township, Chin State on Sunday, killing 50 soldiers.

After the ambush, two junta fighter jets bombed the resistance forces. Regime forces transported the injured soldiers and the bodies of those killed to Laungshe.

On Tuesday, the resistance groups continued to ambush the military convoy from close range using improvised rocket bombs, killing 30 more regime forces, the NUGs Defense Ministry claimed.

The Irrawaddy was unable to independently confirm the reports.

Five resistance fighters were also killed in the two days of incidents.

Junta base attacked, military vehicle ambushed in Magwe


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Tuesday, 18 July


Political Prisoners in Constant Fear of Torture and Murder The Irrawaddy

The Assistance Association for Political Prisoners says 37 inmates have gone missing since June 27, claiming it suggests the junta is dismantling.

Political Prisoners in Constant Fear of Torture and Murder The Irrawaddy

Political prisoners are reportedly being killed by Myanmars junta during supposed prison transfers.

The Assistance Association for Political Prisoners (AAPP) reported that 37 political prisoners from Daik-U Prison also known as Kyaiksakaw in Bago Region have been missing since June 27 after supposed transfers.

An unnamed AAPP representative recently talked to The Irrawaddy about these so-called prison transfers.

Please tell us about the prison transfers that have reportedly resulted in the deaths of inmates.

In the latest case, seven prisoners were removed from Daik-U Prison for alleged transfer.

The prison authorities informed families that three were shot dead while attempting to escape during the transfers.

The other families have heard nothing and the prison refuses to answer questions.

Similar cases have been reported at Myingyan and Thayawady prisons. One Myingyan prisoner died during interrogation. The regime claimed that suspects at an interrogation camp in Yangon were killed while trying to escape.

It was just an excuse because the regime killed them due to a grudge.

There are continuous reports of political prisoners being tortured. At Thayawady, they were shackled for at least two months. The reports of torture have worsened this year.

Why has the situation got worse?

The regime is failing in every field and it takes its anger and frustration out on political prisoners. Prisoners are like meat on the chopping board. The regime can do whatever it wants to do them and we can do nothing to help.

It is similar to Nazis killing Jews in gas chambers during World War II. The regime is behaving like the Nazis.

Please tell us about the missing political prisoners.

We still dont know about the prisoners that were taken out of Daik-U. Families arriving with food were told that the prisoners had been removed but they didnt say where they were taken.

Prison visits were banned during Covid and they remained banned after regulations were relaxed. The regime is doing whatever it wants to the political prisoners who are cut off from the outside world.

What is your response to the killing of two detainees suspected of killing Buddhist nationalist Lily Naing Kyaw? The regime said they were shot while trying to escape....


Kayah Civilians Trapped After Myanmar Junta Seizes Town The Irrawaddy

An estimated 500 civilians are reported to have been trapped in Ywar Thit town, Bawlakhe Township, since regime troops blocked off the town on June 27.


Kayah Civilians Trapped After Myanmar Junta Seizes Town The Irrawaddy

At least 500 civilians reportedly remain trapped in Ywar Thit town in Bawlakhe Township in the resistance stronghold of Kayah State after it was seized by junta troops on June 27.

Communication has been cut off and residents are forbidden from leaving the town, according to the Karenni Human Rights Group.

The town has been under the control of junta infantry since June 27. No one is allowed to go in or out of the town, a representative of the group said.

At least six people had been shot dead by junta forces since June 27, according to the rights group.

Most residents are taking refuge in a monastery.

Fighting could resume at any time and the remaining civilians are in danger, a volunteer said.

Ywar Thit had around 800 households and about 1,500 residents. Three nearby villages have emptied since last month.

Around 350 junta troops are stationed at Ywar Thit, a strategic town transporting military supplies to junta outposts near the Thai border.

There are reports of skirmishes near the town.

The Progressive Karenni People Force reported that around 27 people were killed by junta troops during a raid on Moebye town in southern Shan State on the Kayah State border.

At least 365 civilians have been killed in Kayah State since the 2021 coup, where civilians are frequently targeted by indiscriminate junta shelling and airstrikes, according to the resistance group.

The United Nations estimated that at least 96,000 people had been displaced in Kayah State by mid-June of a population of around 300,000.

However, aid groups on the ground reported that more than 270,000 people have been displaced in the state and neighbouring Pekon Township in southern Shan State.

Around 100,000 people are in need of urgent food supplies and healthcare assistance, according to aid groups.


Coordinated Attacks Deal Heavy Blow to Myanmar Junta Troops in Karen State The Irrawaddy

Three resistance groups joined forces with the Karen National Unions armed wing to target a junta outpost, troops and offices in six days of attacks.


Myanmar Juntas Timber Enterprise Eyeing Secret Bank Accounts to Bypass Sanctions The Irrawaddy

Regime seeking backdoor to international trade and much-needed revenue after US restricts financial access.


Myanmar Junta Air Strike Injures Civilian, Destroys Nine Homes in Sagaing The Irrawaddy

Thousands of residents of Ta Kan Thar and other villages in Shwebo Township have been forced to flee since Mondays air strike, which followed raids by ground troops.


Thwarted Thai PM Candidate Chases Support for Next Vote The Irrawaddy

Pita Limjaroenrat said the eight-party coalition supporting him had agreed to renominate him for a second vote Wednesday.

Monday, 17 July


Ex-Generals Gather at Naypyitaw Buddha to Support Myanmar Junta Chief The Irrawaddy

Min Aung Hlaings giant marble Maravijaya Buddha in the capital is due to be consecrated on August 1.


Alarm Rising Over Abduction of Myanmar Activist and Her Family in Malaysia The Irrawaddy

Rights group urges Malaysia to prioritize the investigation of the family's July 4 abduction, saying they are at grave risk.


Myanmar Junta Condemns ASEAN for Ignoring Peaceful Efforts to Restore Democracy The Irrawaddy

Regime retaliates after ASEAN foreign ministers release statement calling for end to atrocities being committed mainly by the junta's military.


Myanmar Juntas Kachin State Offensive: Why and Whats Next? The Irrawaddy

A Kachin Independence Army spokesman and a political analyst say the regime is seeking to quell resistance and regain control of trade routes to China.


Sagaing Market Bombs Injure Eight Civilians The Irrawaddy

Two bombs injured eight civilians, including two chldren, in Shwebo town, with pro-junta sources blaming resistance groups.


Myanmar Junta Blamed for Shooting Down Nationwide Peace Talks With Ethnic Armed Groups The Irrawaddy

Karen National Union chairman says the junta has no interest in creating a peaceful and democratic federal union.


Civilian Killed, 15,000 Flee as Myanmar Junta Forces Raid Sagaing Villages The Irrawaddy

Military forces shelled civilian targets including a school sheltering IDPs and looted villages during the raids in Khin-U Township.


Thai Elections Without Democracy The Irrawaddy

As Pita Limjaroenrats case shows, Thai elections are a smokescreen; the military, monarchy, judiciary and bureaucracy continue to call the shots.


Broken Tooth: The Face of Chinese Investment in Myanmar The Irrawaddy

The spread of enterprises run by Macau triad boss Wan Kuok Koi and his associates in Myanmar is illustrative of the criminalization of the country under the junta.

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